These Pictures by Ricky Thomason Elicit an Emotional Response

 - Jul 31, 2013
References: rickythomason.4ormat & whitezine
French based photographer Ricky Thomason has been able to create a photography series that captures true emotion out of real-looking people.

In this series, Thomason has opted to use black and white photography. This monochromatic approach enables the viewers to be able to connect to the subjects instantly, because of the lack of color distractions. Also, the pictures focus in on one strong looking person, making the theme of the shoot feel independent and tough. It seems as though the models are able to take care of themselves, and this is a refreshing change to the vast amount of submissive photography that is in the market.

Ricky Thomason has been able to create a stunning series of pictures, all the while showcasing strong characters.