The 'Rich/Poor' Shoot by Ola Golczyńska Blends Societies

There are so many diverse themes that photographers choose to capture, but the 'Rich/Poor' Shoot by Ola Golczyńska is quite extraordinary.

Shot by Ola Golczyńska, the shoot features model Karolina Ćwiek in two contrasting scenes. In some photos Karolina is shot as a high-fashion girl with sizzling tops and serious shady shades while in other captures she is dressed in pale yellow tops posing in a undeveloped location. The two contrasting elements strongly brings out the different societies.

It is visually appealing and thought-provoking that while uptown and modern people swing by in expensive couture, there are people who can't afford the basic needs. The 'Rich/Poor' Shoot by Ola Golczyńska is an eye-opener.