The Revive Alarm Clock Mimics Nature's Changes to Gently Wake You

 - Nov 11, 2013
References: jasonputra & yankodesign
There is hardly a worse way to be roused from sleep than to be startled. The Revive Alarm Clock by Jason Putra works much differently to the way in which most do, gently causing your melatonin levels to drop and waking you up softly and slowly.

The capsular device gradually opens to reveal more and more light to emulate the rays of the rising sun. Accompanied by this can be a natural soundtrack of birds chirping or ocean waves. You can actually sync this gadget with your smartphone to choose the most effective morning noises for you.

About half an hour before you'd like to get out of bed, the Revive Alarm Clock will activate. Its luminescence and volume will little by little guide you out of your slumber.