'Revising History' by Jennifer Greenburg Injects Life into Vintage Phot

 - Nov 11, 2013
References: jennifergreenburg & laughingsquid
'Revising History' by Jennifer Greenburg is a series of photos that is equal parts creepy and intriguing. Greenburg has spliced herself into vintage negatives. However, Greenburg has done more than just edit herself into all of these old photos. The photographer has gone the extra mile (or two) by mimicking the dress and posture of those in the photos.

The result is a series of photos that look absolutely normal, until you realize what is going on, that is. Kudos must be given to Greenburg for looking so natural in these images. She looks at home whether she is in a barbershop or a lady's room. That being said, it's a bit unsettling to see a living person looking so at home inside of photographs that are likely to contain the dead. Regardless, Revising History by Jennifer Greenburg is a must-see for photography buffs, art fans and basically anyone who enjoys art with a twist.