The Retro Mosaic Game Table Pays Tribute to 80s Video Games

 - Apr 14, 2012
References: folksy
This Retro Mosaic Game Table by Kiran Hungin is a delightful piece of 80s game culture-inspired artwork. This newest addition from the London-based mosaic artist's retro range is made out of a 1960s Formica table which was stripped down and treated before having the mosaic design applied.

Although the dimensions aren't exactly to scale, it does not detract from the charming retro display of Pacman vs. Ghosts. The table is 69 cm long, 40 cm wide and 40 cm tall. If you're a collector of retro memorabilia then this coffee table would make an excellent addition to your stockpile of vintage goods. Perfect for children and child-at-hearts alike, the Retro Mosaic Game Table would surely make for a great conversation starter and gaming room staple.