Madsen Modern's Furniture Pieces are Sleek and Stylish

 - Mar 30, 2018
References: etsy
Madsen Modern is an Etsy shop that boasts restored vintage furniture. The workshop is owned by two brothers -- Brandon and Brian Madsen, who are keen on selecting "the very best in Danish Modern and Mid-Century Modern furniture."

The family practice is not only exceedingly stylish in its way of combining romantically vintage elements with contemporary elegance. The sourcing of the home pieces and materials harbors a largely sustainable approach. By selling previously loved and restored vintage furniture, Madsen Modern advocates the recycling of materials and points out the luxuriously fashion-forward potential in old pieces. In doing so, the duo does not only showcase its skill set, but also motivates people and other practices to go the eco-friendly and waste-reductionist route, when decorating their living space.