The Restore Basket is Gentle to the Touch and Light on the Planet

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: dwr
Clutter can be effectively controlled without the use of rigid boxes and storage bins. Just look at the Restore Basket by Mika Tolvanen. It's as soft on the eyes as it feels to the skin, yet it maintains its shape with a touch of flexibility.

The lovely product has been admirably made from recycled plastic bottles that have been turned into a polymer felt. It can be manufactured in a nice neutral gray, or in the bolder colors of bright red, blue or green. These items have been designed to be seen, not stacked away in closets.

The Restore Basket is open and has a pair of handles on its two short sides. It's ideal as a newspaper or magazine holder, a toy box, a laundry hamper or a container for firewood.