Respondable Judges the Likelihood of an Email Getting a Response

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: boomeranggmail & lifehacker
Writing a business email can feel like an art form at times, but Respondable, a new system from Boomerang (the email management service,) is turning it into a science. The artificial intelligence software assesses emails in real-time and provides actionable advice on how to improve the likelihood of receiving a response.

When writing business emails, there are a host of factors to consider, from length to tone to something as deceptively complex as what to put in the subject line. Respondable takes data from millions of emails that have been sent through Boomerang to provide suggestions on how best to receive a response.

As users write their email, sliders on the side of the Gmail extension drift into (or out of) the green zone for all the categories listed above and more. Ultimately, the system assesses gives a "likeliness" score that tends to be accurate.