The Rescue Seat Comprises a Simple Adaptation to Really Prevent Drowning

 - Dec 20, 2012
References: tuvie
It's surely much more preferable than not to have a hoop-shaped lifebuoy at hand in the case of an emergency in the lake or ocean. Interestingly, the Rescue Seat concept has been altered only slightly yet it drastically improves the effectiveness of this lifesaving piece of aquatic equipment.

Chen Kuo-Shu and Chou Yi-Chun simply added a strap across the center of the ring buoy that can act as a seat. Attached from two pivoting points on the outside, the sling can be accessed in either orientation for ease of use in stressful situations. Just slide the strong but stretchy rubber band beneath your bottom and the Rescue Seat alleviates the effort required of you to hang on tight while you wait out the arrival of relief efforts.