The Reporter App Documents and Quantifies Your Entire Life Through Quizzes

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: feltron & theverge
The Reporter app is a customizable mobile app that helps you document your life and was created by American graphic designer Nicholas Felton. The app was inspired by a quantifiable means of living where Felton has collected 79 hours worth of data about the designer himself. Turning his life into a series of spreadsheets, graphs and charts; the Reporter app can measure everyone and everything.

The app asks a diverse range of questions throughout the day, like Where are you, Who are you with? or What are you doing? The user is allowed to answer by typing in text, a simple Yes or No and options for multiple choice.

"Reporting is like journaling - a practice that provides the most real value in hindsight." The app also encourages adding personalized questions like "how did you sleep?".