The Renault Moister was Aesthetically Inspired by the H2O Molecule

 - Oct 22, 2013
References: yankodesign
The Renault Moister well and truly embodies the earth-conscious mentality behind its development. This eco-friendly vehicle runs on hydrogen power as a brilliant sustainable fuel, and it is the chemistry behind it that influenced its intriguing organic design.

Yang Min-Seok came up with a molecular model for this concept car that makes the automobile look like a compound of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The liquid water state of the substance was admired for its natural fluidity, and this is what inspired the undulating body of the ultramodern subcompact.

The Renault Moister is accented with strips of bright blue light and abstract speckles applied to its streamlined back. Certainly a vehicle of the future, the aerodynamic conveyance features fish-eye side windows and hubless wheels for an innovative and amphibious appearance.