These Rena Littleson Paintings are Incredibly Punny

The pun-powered Rena Littleson paintings are not for the easily offended or prudish type, but they pack a hilarious punch. Using illustrations and typography, the Australian artist takes well-known phrases and colloquialisms and applies them to ironic or satirical situations, or changes the words to mean something entirely different. The "Outta Sight" painting becomes a commentary on blindness, with an illustration of Ray Charles. The provocative saying "Blow Me" takes on a lighter meaning with the painting of a young boy blowing bubble gum. My favorite piece shows two girls, one of them looking slightly "drowsy" and eating McDonald's French fries, with the caption "Two Birds One Stoned."

I've always been a sucker for witty wordplay, so these Rena Littleson paintings are right up my alley. They'd definitely make a great gift for any pun-loving pals.