Illustrations of Sultry Women by Remy for Juxtapoz Magazine

 - Nov 17, 2011
References: onestopsubscriptions & juxtapoz
Illustration is an art form that takes years to master, a skill best exemplified in the work by artist Remy for Juxtapoz magazine. With motifs of human bondage and opulence, these drawing are just as much seductive as they are creative.

For a female artist to tackle subjects like female dominance and bondage, it must be a relief to be unchained from the shackles of criticism and just let the creative juices flow. This is the approach in the feature by illustrator Remy for Juxtapoz magazine. The depictions of her femme fatales are posh and lavish, yet they border on parody. Ripe with nudity and a sense of elegance, these drawings showcase an artist who is not only a master of her craft but one who also does not take female form for granted.