This App Helps Users Remove Inappropriate Content from Social Media

 - Dec 15, 2015
References: heyclear & mashable
'Clear' is a new app that helps users remove inappropriate content from their social media accounts. Although posting on social media may seem fairly innocent, giving away too much information can have devastating consequences. This app helps to prevent others from digging up something inappropriate by removing the content ahead of time.

Clear was created by Ethan Czahor, after his posts on Twitter forced him to resign as CTO of Jeb Bush's political operations. To ensure others did not find themselves in a similar situation, Czahor decided to create an app that would automatically remove inappropriate content from a user's social media accounts. The app works by connecting to a user's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The app then analyzes the individual's history and flags any posts that could be regarded as inappropriate. The process of filtering through all of this material is done through the use of advanced algorithms and IBM's supercomputer Watson.

Despite the privacy settings built into social media platforms, apps such as Clear can help to prevent potentially damaging information from getting into the wrong hands.