Transubstantia Paganus Series References the Spiritual Act of Eating

 - Feb 27, 2015
References: ctrlzak
What you're looking at is religious glassware, manufactured with both material and metaphor. CTRLZAK designed this collection of dishes with a much more spiritual approach, having Christian theology influence the physical nature of each of these pieces.

Referencing the Eucharist, the maker unites Heaven and Earth with ethereal forms that look and feel exquisite. Their irregular shapes and fine organic details give them incredible delicacy to the eyes and the fingertips. The translucence of the material furthers this graceful and even ephemeral impression that encourages a more mindful use. Called Transubstantia Paganus, the series of symbolically religious glasses, plates and bowls provides a magnificent presentation of your food and drink, making you appreciate your bread, your wine and everything else all the more.