Hit People with Bottles at nda~ bakayarou

 - Dec 18, 2009
References: japantrends
When I get stressed out, I pour a glass of wine, turn on soothing music, light a couple of candles, and relax in the tub or bed with a good book.

At nda~ bakayarou, a newly opened pub in Nagoya, Japan, a different way to relieve stress is being promoted. The owner has created a safe environment called a Bakayarou stress box where friends or family can take out their stress on each other either by hitting them over the head with a bottle, or popping a balloon to drench them in water. No worries though, it’s all in good fun and nobody gets hurt, as you’ll see from watching the video above.

This is the same concept of relieving stress by hitting a punching bag, having a pillow or Nerf bat fight. It sure beats kicking the dog!