From Giving Designer Stuffed Bears to Political Dolls for Charity

 - Dec 16, 2012
It's not unusual to see a well-known toy manufacturer like Cabbage Patch Dolls or a fashion hub like Vogue teaming up with a charity to create charitable stuffed toys.

Brands such as these ones are the most successful in raising money to support a greater good because they already have a large following. Seeing them give back to others who are in uncompromising or unfortunate situations also helps to humanize their businesses. Cabbage Patch Dolls created a limited edition Sarah Palin toy where proceeds went towards the Marine Toys for Tots charity. Not only did people who bought the charitable stuffed toys on Etsy obtain a bit of American history, but they also supported a beneficial initiative.

Purchasing toys that support a greater good is a small and manageable way to contribute to the betterment of societal issues.