The Rekindle Candle is the Only Candle You'll Ever Need

 - Feb 12, 2014
References: benjaminshine & dudeiwantthat
If you're tired of constantly buying candles, then the Rekindle Candle is exactly what you need and might just put Thomas Edison and his light bulb out of business.

Created by Benjamin Shine, the Rekindle Candle works much like a traditional candle, however the holder is designed to collect and pool the melting wax around a wick in the bottom chamber. Once the candle solidifies you simply remove it from the mold and repeat the same process again with your new candle.

The Rekindle Candle solves the glaring design flaw of the candle; while it's unclear how the remolding process would affect scented candles, it's clear that it's perfectly suited to traditional candles found in most homes.