The Zieta Reflections Exhibit Puts the Plopp Stool in a Cage

 - Oct 25, 2011
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Oskar Zieta's inflatable steel stool is widely known in design spheres; however, the Reflections Exhibit, presented at the 2011 Vienna Design Week, adds a curious spin to the story behind and around Plopp.

The Reflections Exhibit at Shoteby's in Vienna is a kaleidoscopic design installation that invites the audience to peer inside a wooden cage and try to figure out its content. What you see through the holes are reflected, contorted optical images, illusionary objects and reflective surfaces.

The reality of the Reflections Exhibit is the infamous Plopp stool placed in a refined wooden cage with amplifying lights to perfect the illusion. Oskar Zieta explains the Reflections Exhibit: "Like in Alice in the Wonderland - nothing is as it looks like. Design is transformed into a perception tool and reconstructs the world in which both objects and the materials could be perceived in a variety of ways."

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