The 'Red Silk of Fate' Creators Made a Mythological Material in Real Life

 - Jul 19, 2016
References: sputniko & core77
Though 'The Red Silk of Fate - Tamaki's Crush' is a fictional music video and short film, it incorporates very real science into its narrative crux. The video revolves around a genetic engineer, Tamaki, who, in order to win her crush's love, designs red silk thread that contains oxytocin (the supposed "love hormone") and genes that cause it to glow red, then wears an outfit containing the fabric and becomes irresistible. Fanciful though it may be, Sputniko!, the artist behind the project, actually collaborated with scientists from Japan's National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences to create silkworms that produce an oxytocin-spiked material that glows red.

The project was conceived as a reference to East Asian mythology, in which the gods use red silk to tie together those destined to be in love. As Sputniko! herself notes, "Science has long challenged and demystified the world of mythologies...but in the near future, could science be recreating our mythologies?" Merging science and art, 'The Red Silk of Fate' shows the potential for modern invention to recreate the mythologies of millennia past.