The RDP House is Built Using Recycled Shipping Containers and Glass

The RDP House is an environmentally friendly project put together by architect Daniel Moreno Flores that utilizes recycled shipping containers to create a sustainable abode. The house is located in a grassy field in Tomeca, Mexico and it offers a rustic home built through interconnected containers, recycled metal and glass to create affordable housing. The repurposed material and shipping units greatly reduces the cost of the home, while simultaneously providing a functional and utilitarian space for consumers to live.

Shipping containers offer a range of possibilities when it comes to design due to the strength of the box and the materials used as well as its large-scale size. The RDP house features a series of the containers arrange side-by-side as well as stacked to create different rooms. The containers are held in place using concrete platforms and added glass provides windows and natural light.

Photo Credits: designboom, arquitectodanielmorenoflores.blogspot