Eve's Garden Bed and Breakfast

 - Oct 6, 2008
References: evesgarden.org & treehugger
Paper that could have ended up as the contents of a landfill is now Eve’’s Garden, a beautiful B&B;in a small town in Far West Texas.

It sounds like magic, but this charming Bed And Breakfast was built by Clyde Curry and his wife Kate, from the ground up using papercrete, which is made mostly from recycled paper.

Clyde mixes paper waste into a paste and then makes bricks out of it. His new formula even gives an afterlife to Styrofoam too.

"What looks like large, heavy concrete bricks are actually light and slightly spongy, but also ultra strong, fire resistant, and highly insulative," according to Treehugger.

Information on rooms and rates at Eve’s Garden, more pictures, and more information on the fast growing papercrete community is available at evesgarden.org