This Record Cover Concept is Inspired by Mars

 - Oct 25, 2016
References: & packagingoftheworld
As part of a project, Marion Fagnot -- a student based in Paris, France -- decided to come up with a record cover concept for one of her favorite bands.

The chosen band is 'Alt-J,' which performs indie rock music and was formed in England several years ago. The band was named Alt-J to reference the delta symbol; Δ, which indicates change or difference in scientific studies. This record cover concept created by designer Marion Fagnot is inspired by this fact as well as the record's name 'Heroes on Mars.' The Mars theme is apparent in the textured surface of the record cover, while the delta sign is represented through perforated triangles that reveal the planet-like surface underneath.

This record cover reveals the inspiration behind the album as well as the band itself in a way that is both subtle and creative.