The Rechargeable UV-C Purifying Wand Kills Unwanted Pests

 - Sep 15, 2013
References: verilux & fancy
If you have ever had a fear of what may be growing on your bed, then the Rechargeable UV-C Purifying Wand is exactly what you need in order to sleep easy at night.

There are many items in our homes that are nearly impossible to clean. Also, with the recent bed bug outbreak, it's scary that an infestation can uproot from your home for multiple days.

This wand has been designed to get rid of bacteria, mold, bed bug eggs and dust mites. To use this wand, all you do is swipe it by the place that you are cleaning. It uses 254 nanometer ultraviolet light waves, and those will get rid of everything in sight.

The Rechargeable UV-C Purifying Wand will help to keep your house pest free and you can feel comfortable sleeping on a completely clean mattress.