Rebellen Promotes Its New Album with a Special Performance

 - Feb 19, 2014
References: ellentv & youtube
Ellen Degeneres and Rebel Wilson created Rebellen, which is their rap duo. They decided to promote their new album by doing a special performance of 'Watching Cats on the Internet' for Ellen fans on her daytime show. The new album is called 'White Ladies Rapping' and I am sure it will hold true to both their comedic backgrounds.

The song is everything you would imagine it to be. It is very repetitive and offers Ellen meowing in the background. I guarantee you will watch this video more than once. The two together work off of each other and their infectious personalities. I can only imagine how hilarious their album will be. I am sure they will make some funny videos and sing them live on her show from time to time. People in the audience seemed to really enjoy the ladies rapping, but then again, who wouldn't?