Rebecca Ward Creates Amazing Illusionary Tape Art

 - Apr 7, 2013
References: juxtapoz
Brooklyn-based artist Rebecca Ward is an artist who mainly works with tape. You might think such a medium would be restricting, but not for Rebecca. The pieces she has created using only strips of plastic and electrical tape are nothing short of incredible.

Her expansive tape-made creations envelop whole rooms, wrap pillars and in some cases are even used instead of wallpaper. The geometric shapes created by the tape works create optical illusions that will have you squinting your eyes and taking a second look.

Rebecca's latest tape creations are currently on show at London's 'Ronchini Gallery' this April. The show is entitled 'Cow Tipping.' These pictures show the amazing transformations a bit of tape can make to an interior and might inspire you to make some tape art in your own home.