The Rebberg Dielsdorf House is Modeled After a Vine

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: & mymodernmet
L3P Architekten designed the 'Rebberg Dielsdorf House,' a concrete, steel and glass dwelling located on a steep plot of land in Zurich, Switzerland.

The architects collaborated heavily with the building engineer to create a unique, space-efficient composition. The room-and-structure merge of the building creates a sculptural aesthetic characterized by jutting elements and angular sides. Inside, the home is stark, minimalist and just as modern as its exterior. The architects tried to save space wherever they could, resulting in creative solutions such as a staircase alcove and bookshelf walls. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the interior to be flooded with natural light.

Architect Boris Egli explains that the house was partially inspired by its own location, saying, "This work on the vineyard slope copies the logic of a vine: a supporting middle wall, platforms and non-bearing windows follow the structure of the stem, the trunk and the hanging fruit."