Hiroshi Sugihara's 'Ready to Crawl' Robots Were Printed as Single Pieces

 - Dec 30, 2017
References: 3ders.org
Japanese designer Hiroshi Sugihara is innovating in 3D printing and robotics with 'Ready to Crawl,' a series of biotechnology robots that move just like real, living creatures. What's even more impressive is that each 3D-printed animal was created with a single print and is powered only by a single motor.

The project to develop the "bio-like robots" introduces prototypes like the TOKAGE and YADOKARI, each of which explores a different kind of movement. The bots inspired by creatures that live in shells and slide, lizards that wriggle and other insect-like critters that scuttle have the potential to create many new possibilities within the world of additive manufacturing, robotics and beyond. Once fully printed, these robots come to life, unlike many designs that require multiple pieces to be created and assembled.