This Amazing RC Car Chase Puts the Fast and the Furious to Shame

 - Feb 24, 2013
References: youtube & kotaku
The only thing better than an awesome car chase is an awesome RC car chase!

This Hollywood blockbuster RC car chase was put together by YouTube filmmakers Final Cut Kind, and puts most Hollywood action movies to shame. We're talking Ford Mustangs power sliding around corners, smashing through cafes, being chased by helicopters, navigating explosions and its all set to an adrenaline pumping soundtrack. The best part? All the stunts tricky shots were achieved through organic means, which means no fancy computer trickery or real cars gumming up the works. Even the entire city was made out of nothing but cardboard, spray paint and hot glue.

Just make sure you watch the RC car chase all the way to the end for a hilarious surprise.