The RaspiTrap Sends You a Photo Notification When a Mouse is Captured

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: instructables & gizmag
The RaspiTrap is a unique mouse trap, developed by inventor, tinkerer and maker Alain Mauer, that uses the latest electronics to make mouse trapping as humane and easy to carry out as possible. This mouse trap uses a combination of Raspberry Pi processing, infrared sensors and WiFi to send a photo notification whenever the mouse trap's door closes behind a new victim.

When an unsuspecting mouse wanders into the RaspiTrap, it breaks the infrared beam, causing the door to slam shut. An LED then illuminates inside the device and a Pi camera captures a photo of the rodent convict. The photo is then emailed to the user, who can recover the trap and release the animal where safe.

The RaspiTrap ensures that there are no unwanted surprises for users, but also ensures that mice are treated and released humanely.