Rapport Empathetic User Interface Functions with Facial Feedback

 - Jan 28, 2014
References: behance.net & yankodesign
The Rapport Empathetic User Interface might just impress you more than iPods did when they first came out. This sound system actually engages with you as you do with it. It does not operate by the usual method of manual input.

Developed by Yifei Chai, Joe Smith, Yuchang Chow and Yeawon Choi, this smart stereo activates automatically when you approach it. A camera and sensors analyze your facial expression and choose a song that seems fitting for your apparent attitude. Gestural feedback in the form of smiles, frowns, nods and head shakes tells the Rapport whether or not the current track is appreciated. The musical robotic mechanism creates a playlist just for you, and it switches off when you leave its presence.