The Ralston & Bau Shroom Lighting Greets You Delightfully

 - Sep 11, 2012
References: ralstonbau
Ralston & Bau take an eco-friendly fungi spin to light fixtures with their urban illumination line known as Shroom. Ralston & Bau's Shroom fixtures are meant to remove the fear of late night strolls by creating lighting that reacts to human proximity.

Wanting to create more energy-resourceful and visually pleasing forms of illumination, Ralston & Bau created this series with hopes of making it brighter whenever someone is close to the light fixture -- it dulls to 10% brightness once a person is out of range, preserving energy. The lamps come in four different sizes, from tall overbearing streetlamps to smaller wide stoops that can actually be sat on and enjoyed by one or more people.

Occupying "rural space" is the overreaching theme for the Ralston & Bau Shroom design. The lamps make walking, biking, or sitting in the dark an incandescent experience.