Turning rubber bands into awesomeness!

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: thestar.my
Rainbow Loom: it’s what all the kids and kids-at-heart are into these days! It’s a jewelry-making toy yet even boys are doing it. This creative toy lets kids turn rubber bands into bracelets, charms and much more. And the more complicated the design, the cooler it looks. The Rainbow Loom kit makes 24 bracelets. It comes with a rectangular loom with pegs, mini colorful rubber bands and plastic clips. Parents and kids however, will have to restock their rubber bands and accessories and this keeps the Rainbow Loom trend buzzing! Cheong Choon Ng invented Rainbow Loom in Detroit using a wooden scrub board, pushpins and dental hooks. He must be making tons of cash these days! Ng is a Malaysian mechanical engineer who came up with the idea back in 2010. This has been a big year for Rainbow Loom; its popularity has been increasing like crazy. Fans have been posting tons of YouTube videos and there are even a few talented fans selling their loom jewelry. There hasn't been a toy this hot since Beanie Babies! So don’t be surprised if you receive a few Rainbow Loom bracelets as gifts this Christmas! You can even make Christmas ornaments with Rainbow Loom!

Implications - Rainboow Loom is currently the best way to make money from children and the parents. It’s hot and with so many accessories and rubber bands, this toy inspires creativity in children and makes for a great investment for businesses.