The Uncle Milton Rainbow in My Room is a Magical Nightlight

 - Mar 23, 2011
References: amazon & ohgizmo
Nightlights are often a necessity in a child's bedroom, with a slew of cute and creative ones to suit the whimsical tastes of most tots, but I think that the Rainbow in My Room projector has now trumped them all.

Brought to you by Uncle Milton, the Rainbow in My Room projector emits a soft, colorful light that has a fantastic, magical feel to it. Perfect for encouraging a child's imagination, the Rainbow in My Room will not only keep the monsters away, but it can also act as a fun and creative toy during the day.

Priced at an affordable $23, the versatile, practical and playful Rainbow in My Room projector is available for purchase online at Amazon. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a pot of gold.