The R2-D2 MP4 is Perfect for Music-Loving Jedis

 - Nov 10, 2011
References: 7gadgets & technabob
My iPod Touch may soon be spending some time in the sock drawer thanks to the awesomeness that is the R2-D2 MP4 player. This geeky multimedia device is designed in the shape of the famous R2-D2 and comes complete with 2GB of memory.

The 2GB of memory of the R2-D2 MP4 player isn’t exactly mind-blowing, but the geek street cred given to you by owning such a device is. In addition to playing music, the R2-D2 MP4 can also store pictures and video. Perhaps the greatest feature of this gadget is the included pair of C-3PO headphones. If you are looking to get your hands on the R2-D2 MP4 player, you need only to check out Toys R’ Us. Here’s hoping this little gadget inspires Apple to make an R2-D2 iPod sooner rather than later.