These Homemade Snack Bars are Packed with Delicious Superfood Properties

 - Aug 27, 2015
References: simplyquinoa & simplyquinoa
These homemade quinoa granola bars are ideal for those looking for healthier snacking alternatives that are also rich in nutrients and protein. These bars are also low in sugar and made with all-natural and wholesome ingredients.

While granola bars typically are filled with all sorts of additives, artificial flavors and ingredients consumers can't pronounce, these quinoa bars only have 5 simple ingredients. The bars are made from a blend of organic peanut butter, water, quinoa flakes, maple syrup and dried figs that are added to a food processor till finely blended. Then the dough is pressed into a baking sheet and baked. The end result can be sliced up into thin bars and wrapped individually to be used in lunches or as snacks while on-the-go.