Que Fashion Launches Without Clothes

 - Jun 19, 2008
References: adofdamonth
I always find it curious that fashion brands would use naked models to promote their newest lines. Even in such ads, you would at least see the jeans or the underwear thrown in somewhere.

However, you would be hard pressed to find any article of clothing whatsoever in this whole campaign for new Turkish fashion brand Que. All you see is a big "Q" printed on the body of the naked model. And to think that this is their launch campaign...

Looking at these ads, I have no clue if Que sells jeans, formal clothes, lingerie or swimwear. Well established brands can get away with such ads, as everyone knows what they are about. But to use no clothes at all in the launch of a new clothes brand? Even though I think the prints are very artistic and beautiful, I am not sure of their effectiveness.

The campaign was created by Works ad agency in Istanbul with creative director Ahmet Naci FIRAT, and art director Selin ESTROTI.