Tsinghua University Made a Canopy for the Qianfoya Cliffs

 - May 10, 2017
References: archinect
The Qianfoya Cliffs in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province, China, are an important piece of the country's history that archaeologists have worked hard to preserve, and now architects have gotten involved in the preservation process as well. Recently, students from the Architecture Design and Research Institute at Tsinghua University created a canopy that serves to protect the North Wei Dynasty inscriptions that cover the caves and niches of the Qianfoya Cliffs.

The weather around the cliffs is difficult for archaeologists working in preservation. It gets a lot of rain half the year, a lot of sunshine during the other half, and strong winds year round. As such, the site needed a covering to keep the inscriptions safe. Rather than opting for a blemish like a blue tarp or even a permanent lean-to structure, the architects designed something more pleasing.