Leed Mawdsley's Qatar Photos Beautifully Depict Urban Life

 - May 20, 2013
References: leemawdsley & itsnicethat
Photographer Lee Mawdsley's recent Qatar photos are wonderfully representative of urban life. Mawdsley was sent by the Commercial Bank of Qatar to capture the building's mixture of modern and traditional architecture but returned with much more than that.

Each of his photos encapsulates the rapid development of the area while hinting at the wealth that permeates that part of the world. The city's cleanliness and straightforwardness are extremely striking, and captured perfectly by Mawdsley's bird's-eye shots of intersections and highways scattered throughout Qatar.

The white architecture inherent to Qatar is stunning in Mawdsley's photographs, standing out against the bleak pavement and pale blue skies. This architecture is also very angular and geometric, but low to the ground; few skyscrapers can be seen in photos of Qatar's skyline.

With these photos, Lee Mawdsley has proven that photographers such as him are necessary to the promotion of areas that might not be as well-known in other parts of the world; photographers like Mawdsley open up the world to anyone willing to explore.