Pwned List Lets You Know When You're Email or User Accounts Have Been Hacked

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: pwnedlist & technabob
Pwned List is a new Internet security site that lets you instantly see whether your email address or website username has been compromised by hackers. The site was created by white 'white hat hackers' (hackers who use their talents for good) and is meant to help people take control of their computer security.

It seems like nearly every other week there's a big story about hackers compromising the security of some major website. The Pwned List helps you keep pace with hackers by letting you check the security of your email address or website username whenever you'd like. The site doesn't store any data and gleans all of its hacked email addresses and usernames from various hacker data dumps. So far, Pwned List has help 4,981,012 people whose emails and user accounts have been compromised.