These Puzzle Lock Pieces Will Give Your Brain a Work-Out

 - Jun 14, 2013
References: thinkgeek & geekalerts
These puzzle lock pieces are fashioned out of the same locks owned Harry Houdini.

Houdini was a well-known escape artist. As an homage to one of the world's greatest escape artists, the Think Geek website is offering civilians the 'Houdini Puzzle Locks.' Inserting the key is only half of the trick in opening the lock pieces. These locks will only unlock if the user knows the trick behind the locks. The puzzle lock pieces come in two different styles: Dead Lock and Lock & Key.

There's probably an instruction manual that comes along with these locks, but if not then a lot of people will have a difficult time in configuring these puzzle lock pieces. Unlocking these locks is probably easier than expected, so you probably won’t have to look that closely and besides "The closer you look the less you see."