The 'Atmos' Air Purifying System Can be Used Freestanding or on a Surface

 - Sep 13, 2016
References: yankodesign
Air purifiers are notorious for not being very design-conscious, so the 'Atmos' air purifying system takes a different approach to help offer something that's suitable for display in the home.

Designed by Myenonghoon Lee, the 'Atmos' purifier can be used in either vertical or horizontal orientations to suit design preferences or space constraints. It can be used in the accompanying stand or placed on a tabletop to increase the functionality and design capabilities of the futuristic appliance.

The conceptual 'Atmos' air purifying system identifies a shift towards more design-conscious appliances for the home. As consumer concerns rise with regard to air quality and health, a demand for appliances that help to correct these issues will likely continue to rise in unison with a need for them to be stylishly appealing.