The PURE Leaf Faucet is Touch Sensitive and Eco-Friendly

 - Jun 6, 2012
References: looksfeelsworks & designyoutrust
The PURE Leaf Faucet is still in the concept stage but is essentially a slim faucet that protrudes straight out from the wall and has its flow controlled by the tip of one's finger.

Acting like a switch, applying pressure to the tip of the faucet will determine how much water gushes out. This hyper-sensitive design is meant to create a more intuitive hand-washing experience, as all factors are manipulated by one's full control. The faucet aims to mitigate our carbon footprint and waste less water -- so that one can easily drop water over their contact lens or fill an entire basin.

This never-before-seen design is thin and sleek but also environmentally conscious, appealing to minimalist-favoring individuals who like to show off their show-home houses in all of their multi-feature glory