Puppet Parade at Cinekid Festival is a Fun Virtual Experience

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: design-io & psfk
Puppet Parade, an installation that premiered at the Cinekid Festival, was designed to give children an interactive motion experience. Here, kids could simply flail their arms around and have their movements projected onto the wall to move big and colorful digital puppets. What's more, Puppet Parade actually enabled the children to interact with the virtual puppet environment -- for example, they could pet the creatures and make food for them to eat.

Created by Design I/O, Puppet Parade required the use of two Microsoft Xbox Kinects. These allowed for movement to be tracked and also made it possible to determine the location of the kids' elbows, wrists and shoulders to control the puppets. As the designers point out, the Puppet Parade installation allowed the kids "to perform alongside the puppets, blurring the line between the 'audience' and the puppeteers..."