The Glass 'Punk is Freedom' Editorial is Fiercely Rebellious

The latest editorial for Glass Magazine, 'Punk is Freedom,' demonstrates the pinnacle of rebellious, yet sensual fashion.

This editorial stars the ivory beauty, Kaitlin Aas, as the punk-loving, studded rebel. Most of the photographs show Aas from the neck up, making them more portraits than full-body shots, enhancing the studded accessories worn on Aas's fingers, ears and even her eyes. The most striking studded accessory is definitely the pair of sunglasses with studs completely covering the lenses. While it might not be the most functional design, the image of studs protruding from Aas's eyes could not be more striking, and captures the viewer's attention immediately.

When Aas's full body is shot, she is shown wearing a black lingerie set with fishnets, combat boots and a leather jackets completing the punk look of the ensemble. Her languid poses and almost reverential glance up to the sky give Aas an air of indifference, as if she couldn't be bothered to pose directly for the camera, bringing forth an authentic punk attitude.

With 'Punk is Freedom,' Glass Magazine has proven that punk is not dead, but that it is permeating the mainstream fashion industry once again, bringing some rebellion back into the lives of fashion lovers everywhere.