Pike Place Public Market in Seattle Supports Artisans & Farmers

 - Nov 20, 2018
References: pikeplacemarket.org
This public market in Seattle is a hot spot for experiencing the city's vibrant and artistic atmosphere. Known as the 'Pike Place Market,' the space satisfies multiple functions while contributing to the preservation of historic architecture.

On one hand, the neighborhood supports artisan and farming communities by providing a direct connection to consumers. The streets are filled with small business activations, skilled craftspeople, and farmers who sell their work and produce. In doing so, Pike Place not only satisfies the role of an incubator but also gives consumers access to unique and healthy products. On the other hand, the public market in Seattle provides a "safety net for those in [...] who are most vulnerable" through affordable housing for low-income individuals.

Its dedication to local communities and economies makes the Pike Place Market a must-see destination for travelers.