This Public Lounge by Indre Anceviciute Assembles into a Ball

 - Dec 2, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
As much as park benches are essential in every city, their regular use is quite seasonally dependent. This concept of a Public Lounge by Indre Anceviciute addresses the changing demands of the urban population by assuming the role of a transitional object.

What this designer proposes is part contemporary sculpture and part practical seating system. She has conceived a mod spherical form which can be broken up into eight separate identical sections that serve as unusual but effective public perches. The irregular shapes of the rounded recliners allow them to be oriented in any which way, even offering weary elderly walkers a rare outdoor rocking chair. This particular arrangement exposes the softly concave inner shell of the larger lime green globe, rounding out remarkably ergonomic places to relax.

When the warmer months have faded away, the Public Lounge by Indre Anceviciute can be reassemble to form striking installations that would add eccentric flare to urban gardens, plazas and squares.