The Pub Schweppes 2011 Commercial Stars a Sultry Uma Thurman

 - May 2, 2011
References: schweppes & adrants
Although the French are known for their undeniable sensuality as well as their good taste, they can also be rather goofy as the Pub Schweppes 2011 commercial shows. A short 1-minute ad campaign, it will inspire a range of different emotions that nevertheless will not blanket the smirk that inevitably arises.

The Pub Schweppes 2011 commercial stars actress Uma Thurman, who takes on the role of the seductress as she is interviewed for something or other. Dressed in what appears to be a futuristic take on the retro flapper frock, she channels her inner Kathleen Turner as she seductively talks about having Schweppes wherever and whenever she pleases.

Fun, sexy and playful, the Pub Schweppes 2011 commercial is even subtitled in French.