From Insect-Covered Fashion Spreads to Whimsical Winged Monocles

 - Oct 17, 2012
There is no denying the peaceful ethereal atmospheres within these butterfly fashion editorials due to the presence of the beautifully winged creatures.

Butterflies are an insect of marvelous serenity. Many fashion designs have been inspired by the intricate blend of colors that adorn the dainty wings of the insect. A butterfly signifies gracefulness, genuine beauty and whimsy. They follow the the wind in dance, moving from flower to flower and sometimes finding comfort on the soft cotton shoulder of someone's sweater.

These butterfly fashion editorials use the insect as a prop to paint a fantastical picture. The models flit and flutter, spreading their wings to showcase their beauty from within. Whether the majestic insect is displayed as an embellishment or an inspired fashion accessory, the little creature IS a show stopper.