Nick Thomm's Psychedelic Artwork Combines Classics with Modern Style

 - Jul 27, 2013
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Nick Thomm's psychedelic artwork might make viewers feel as if they'd just gone on a trip in the Woodstock era. His use of crazy combinations of neon colors, along with his mash-ups of classic Renaissance art with modern, pop art styles, makes for a visually arresting and astounding series.

One of his most striking works features a gigantic, Greek-era statue of a philosopher. His head is cloned twice; these copies peek out from next to the original's ears. Behind this trio of statuesque thinkers is a startlingly bright backdrop, contrasting the marble hue of the statues, showing some barren trees with branches twisting away into a shocking blue sky.

With these works, Thomm has demonstrated that completely unrelated artistic styles can indeed be combined to produce new, innovative and fun pieces of art that are sure to garner a ton of attention from everyone from boomers to millennials.